Impressing Your Valentines Date

By Jacob Case '15

The main character Wesley and his love interest Buttercup spend a moment together. (Photo:

The main character Wesley and his love interest Buttercup spend a moment together. (Photo:

It’s the fourth date. What movie does one choose when trying to impress a budding romantic partner? What movie does one choose when they want their date to feel good about where the relationship is headed?

The Princess Bride.

The message it sends is clear:  True love is the only thing that matters in life.

This movie does not take itself too seriously.  It knows that to get across an important message, humor is key—and it applies this to romance.

It features a classic fairy tale story with a sophisticated, ironic twist, and just enough sincerity that when the movie is over, the viewers feel smart, loved, and ready to dive into a long-term relationship.

The movie really summons its charm from the dynamic between the narrator and his young grandson, who he is telling the tale to.  The grandson constantly stops the story when he senses there might be kissing ahead.  However, by the end, he decides that kissing is not so bad after all.

Hopefully, your date will have the same change of heart.

The most inspiring moment comes near the end.  After our hero has been tortured to death and miraculously brought back to life, he is too weak to fight with his crippled body.  He is lying on a bed, with his true love in his arms, when the evil prince marches into the room.  The prince is about to draw his sword and slay our protagonist.  However, before he gets to the bed, our hero stops him with a shout.  He tells him that he is a coward, and the evil prince listens.

The main character wins the final battle through his force of will.  As the movie credits roll, you and your date will be left feeling inspired and hopeful.  A perfect end to a Valentine’s Day