2014 Winterim Choices Released

By Elyssa Kiva ’14

Students and teachers enjoy the Sailing the the San Juan's Winterim. (Photo: Peter Green)

Students and teachers enjoy the Sailing the the San Juan’s Winterim. (Photo: Peter Green)

Last Friday the 2014 Winterim Catalog went live and signups for Upper School students began.

Unlike past years the junior class was primarily responsible for the planning of the four-day experimental learning opportunity.

Old favorites like the Sailing in the San Juans trip and Caving in Northern California, that were available in years past have still returned, but with other big trips joining them.

It seems this year Catlin Gabel students are preparing for the coming apocalypse with Winterims such as “Becoming a Warrior” and “How to Survive in the Hunger Games.”

The catalog this year is also cooking heavy with three dedicated cooking Winterims and many others promising delicious food. It seems that a guaranteed way to attract people to a Winterim is through their stomachs.

The junior class has done a great job of offering a wealth of fun and diverse options for the 2014 Winterim that can appeal to everyone from outdoorsmen to aspiring artists.