Fees at Catlin Gabel Soccer Endowment Games Cause Confusion

By Beatrice Endler ‘17

Last Friday, on Sept. 4, the Catlin Gabel Varsity soccer teams held their first Endowment Games of the season, against Western Mennonite, and some spectators were unaware that there was a required entrance payment. The money collected from these entrance payments will support the OSAA, which helps to arrange athletic events such as this.  

According to a parent who staffed the fee collection station, numerous spectators shared their annoyance and confusion with the required entrance payment at the games. They were noted to have commented on the need to know in advance, questioned the purpose of the fee, and offered brief complaints about having to pay to watch their own child play.

Although there is some information on the Catlin Gabel School website regarding this fee, which is $6 for adults and $4 for students (players and coaches excluded), many attendees still arrived unaware.

According to the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) Foundation website, there are a few basic facts surrounding Endowment Games. At these games, which only happen at the varsity level, the collected money goes to the OSAA. The OSAA is a private, non-profit association, comprised of 287 Oregon high schools, and it organizes high school competitions in athletics, music, and speech. 50 percent of the funds go to the OSAA, and the other 50 percent are given back to the school that hosted the student event.

Before the latest Endowment Games, Catlin Gabel Athletics Director, Sandy Luu, informed parents about the admission fee.

Catlin, in white, played Western Mennonite in Catlin's first Endowment Game of the season (Photo: Reuben Schafir)

Catlin, in white, played Western Mennonite in Catlin’s first Endowment Game of the season (Photo: Reuben Schafir)