“No Californians” Stickers on Realty Signs Throughout Portland

By Clarissa Speyer-Stocks ‘16

The animosity that some Portlanders feel towards the large numbers of Californians moving to Portland has recently been represented by stickers slapped across For Sale signs in the city.

People think that our signs magically appear. But they don’t. We pay money for them, and it’s none of their business to be putting stickers on them,” stated Lori Fenwick, a realtor for Premiere Property Group, in an interview with the Oregonian on Sept. 4.

"No Californians" stickers have been found plastered around Portland (Photo: Clarissa Speyer-Stocks '17)

“No Californians” stickers have been found plastered around Portland (Photo: Clarissa Speyer-Stocks ’17)

Fenwick continued, stating, “They’re basically blaming Californians for raising their real estate prices.” She believes that the stickers are a form of backlash against large amount of Californians moving into Portland and the lower inventory of housing. Fenwick says the large amount of out-of-state buyers is not just from California.

Since the story’s airing in the Oregonian on Sept. 4, Californians have fought back with less-than-kind retorts to the stickers, one of which states, “The reason why I work so hard is so that I don’t have to live in places like Portland!”

Recently, Portland’s housing prices have been inclining greatly, and with the lack of housing there’s some backlash brewing with the invasion from out-of-state.