CGSA Presidential Candidates Forum: A Recap

By Reuben Schafir ’17

CGSA Presidential candidates answered anonymous questions on Tuesday, April 21.

Each candidate answered questions regarding their experience, interests as president, and potential changes to the current system.

“I have experience getting to know different people through different things I’ve done at school,” said Ian McClanan ’16, naming sports, music and Startup Camp as his areas of interest. “I have a lot of experience on the CGSA,” said candidate Isabell Rooper ’16, citing her three years on the CGSA. Candidate Hayle Meyerhoff ’16 noted that she’s “changed a lot since freshman year” and would use her knowledge of different personality types on campus to guide her presidency if elected.

When it comes to their type of leadership, the three candidates offered a variety of opinions.

“I’m more of a quiet leader,” says Meyerhoff. Rooper said she would use a “mix between pace setting and democracy.” Somewhat similarly, McClanan said he would implement something along the lines of “directed democr

The three CGSA President Candidates at the forum Wednesday. (Photos: Reuben Schafir '17)

The three CGSA President Candidates at the forum Wednesday. (Photos: Reuben Schafir ’17)


In response to the challenge of being both an authoritative figure and a peer, McClanan stated that he was “confident” and he “understands the pressures” and will work to understand the situation before “bringing the hammer down.”

Meyerhoff noted her two years serving on the Judicial Council, implying she’s been in this “awkward” type of position before.

Rooper, noting the “good-cop bad-cop” dynamic with her and current Junior Class Co-President Connor Ford ’16, said that she has “the confidence to say no,” despite the fact that she doesn’t always like it.

In addition to the CGSA positions, students will be voting on four amendments. Three are “formalities” according to CGSA Vice President Kallan Dana, while the fourth would make a radical change to the voting system. Rather than voting for the candidate you want, each student would vote for any candidate they approve of. This would not take effect until 2015-16 class elections later this year.

Voting will be held in C&C today!