Stories of Socioeconomic Barriers at Catlin Gabel

By Reuben Schafir '17 and Christina Spires '16

Socioeconomic standing is, unfortunately, a taboo subject in most social settings.

At and independent school such as Catlin Gabel, students often assume that, as one student put it, “everyone at Catlin is generally rich.” This happens to be an oddly common mindset at Catlin, given that approximately 30% of students receive financial aid.

During a search for sources for this article, another student responded, seemingly shocked and said, “should you even be asking about that?”

It is important to make students, faculty and community members aware of what is going on in the community and to normalize conversations about socioeconomic diversity in the Catlin Gabel community. By doing this, the hope is also to dissolve the taboo of discussing these matters, which are generally swept under the rug and ultimately ignored.

Below are stories from students and faculty about living in a comparatively lower socioeconomic class than a majority of those around them. CatlinSpeak asks that you respectfully listen and hopes these stories will open a door for a more broader, community-wide conversation on the topic of socioeconomic diversity.