6th Grade Ancient Rome Class Present “RICE” Project

By Alon Kornfeld ‘18 and Ben Waitches-Eubanks ‘17

This Friday, Catlin Gabel 6th graders who have been studying Ancient Rome for the past three weeks, presented their “RICE” projects (Rome, India, China, Egypt).

“I think it is important to study how people lived in Ancient Roman times. Many things discovered and invented are used today,” commented Grant Underwood ‘18, during his presentation set up outside the Creative Arts Center.

The sixth graders presented on Ancient Roman food, currency, arts, and sword fighting. They made bread and taught each other how to sword fight, similar to how the Ancient Romans did during their time.

Furthermore, students made brochures that represented their specific subjects. One of the brochures showed facts about Roman Table Manners. According to the Roman food group, “A true Roman is never full, they keep eating no matter what happens.”

While this was an important project for 6th grade students, it also turned out to be fun for everyone who got a taste of Ancient Roman Culture.