Dave’s Killer Bread Co-Founder Will Remain Free, with Restrictions

By Reuben Schafir '17

Dave Dahl, the co-founder of Portland based Dave’s Killer Bread appeared in court last Friday to learn whether or not he would serve jail time or time in a state psychiatric hospital due to his most recent run in with the law in November of 2013.

On the night of Nov. 14, 2013 Washington County sheriff’s deputies were called to Dahl’s home by a friend who said he was having a mental breakdown. Deputies arrived to find Dahl behind the wheel of his Cadillac Escalade. Dahl took off in the car, ramming the deputies vehicle. A chase ensued, ending when Dahl smashed into a second deputy’s car on a cul-de-sac.

Three deputies were injured in the incident, and Dahl was tasered multiple times.

In addition to making bread, Dahl gives talks about his life and experiences with drugs and his time in prison. (photo: Wikipedia)

In addition to making bread, Dahl gives talks about his life and experiences with drugs and his time in prison. (photo: Wikipedia)

Dahl was found guilty on multiple charges of third degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon (his car) except for insanity by Judge Kristin Thompson in October.

Following the incident, Dahl was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and after the Oct. 2013 hearing, the only remaining question was would Dahl serve jail time, time in a state psychiatric hospital or remain in the community.

Judge Thompson ruled on Friday that Dahl could remain in the community granted he abide by several restrictions, including that he see a psychiatrist weekly and abstain from driving and entering a bar.

“I’m very sorry about the things that happened but I need to move on and that’s what I’m going to do,” Dahl said in court Friday, reported KOIN 6.

They also reported Dahl saying that the judge “made a very reasonable decision and I will comply 100 percent with that.”

Dahl spent nearly 15 years in and out of prison on charges related to robbery and possession of methamphetamine. After he got clean, he co-founded Dave’s Killer Bread, whose slogan is “Just say NO to bread on drugs.”

Dave’s Killer Bread hires convicted felons, saying under their frequently asked questions section: “We understand the power that can come from giving people a second chance. We see the good in everyone, and we believe in offering jobs to felons who have shown a commitment to turning their lives around. Our goal is to serve as an example to other employers that being a convicted felon should not be a deterrent to finding gainful employment.”