Catlin Gabel’s First Tailgate Success

By Joseph Endler '15

Excited students on the way to the game. (Photo: Reuben Schafir ’17)

Friday the 26, at 3:45 p.m. dozens of kids piled on to the Catlin Gabel fan bus and were driven to the OES campus for the rival school’s homecoming games. While fans had a great time bonding and getting pumped up for the games on the bus, other kids who had sports or other prior commitments drove themselves and met the Catlin crowd at the field.

On arrival, they were greeted with a table full of delicious food and drinks. Parents provided KFC chicken, green salad, iced beverages, and a full table of desert. Students were welcomed to eat during the game as they enjoyed Catlin’s first tailgate.

One student, Owen Hoke ’16 commented, “The tailgate was a great addition to the full game experience… The food was great and we should continue this as a new Catlin Gabel tradition.”

Likewise, another enthusiastic fan, Moss Hardman ’15 said, “It was the best tailgate I have seen on this side of the Mississippi! …It was an incredible array of food and beverage.”

The excitement will continue soon, when Catlin’s own homecoming commences Oct. 10, where both girls and boys will compete again.