Part II: Boys Basketball Competes in Second Week of Fall League

By Vikram Nallakrishnan '17

Catlin Gabel Boys Basketball took to the court this past Saturday in a dim-lit Milwaukie High School gymnasium. Similar to last week, they played in a two game back-to-back set, against powerhouse squads Clackamas High School and Central Catholic High School. The Eagles won their match against Clackamas 59-51, but lost to Central Catholic 59-54 after an exciting game.

First up was the Clackamas Select team dressed in red, however Catlin was prepared for Select’s style of play. The game was a back and forth contest until midway through the second half. Catlin made a run, spearheaded by co-captains Jacob ‘17 and Vishal ‘16, which led to Catlin’s double figure victory.

The team getting pumped up before the game. (Photo: Vishal Vanka)

The team getting pumped up before the game. (Photo: Vishal Vanka)

After a small break of five minutes, the Eagles took on a high ranking Central Catholic team. From the start, Catlin gained a 8-2 lead and forced Central Catholic to call a timeout. The Eagles hustled into their huddle happily, however, after the timeout Catlin’s initial effort was matched and eventually surpassed.

Central Catholic fought their way up to a 16 point lead with seven minutes remaining. The Eagles called a timeout to relieve fatigue, however the timeout became pivotal. After the timeout, the game was chaotic.

Springboarded by a rejuvenation of energy, the Eagles sprinted around the court with a much improved defensive effort, and chipped away at the lead. With less than two minutes remaining, Jacob ’17 scored a three pointer and got fouled. The three points he earned cut down the lead to only one point remaining. Unfortunately, his free-throw missed, and Central Catholic gained control again.

The Eagles lost, with a final score of 59-54.

Point guard Vishal summed up the weekend commenting,“…we played really well in both games…we found our strength as a team when we bumped up our intensity and energy on the defensive end. We’re going in the right direction and all of this work and experience is going to show in December.”

The team plays again next Saturday, seeking improvement of their two win two loss record.