Students Voice Uncertainty About Plans For the Eagle’s Nest

By Ben Waitches-Eubanks '17

A crowded Eagle's Nest during break (Photo: Ben Waitches-Eubanks '17)

A crowded Eagle’s Nest during break (Photo: Ben Waitches-Eubanks ’17)

What was once the Outdoor Education office is now a source of debate for both students and faculty. At the start of the 2014-2015 school year, the office was turned into a lounge mostly dedicated to the sophomore class. However, on Wednesday the 24th, a school-wide email was sent out announcing multiple alternatives to the current situation.

These suggestions included ideas for a student store, homework space, cafe, recreational area, and movie theater.

Although these ideas may sound promising, several sophomores voiced insecurities about the options.

Some students use to lounge as a place to hang out and eat. Shintaro Davis ‘17 said, “Sometimes the barn can be crowded and noisy, so it’s nice to have a place to sit and eat lunch from home. I wouldn’t mind a change as long as I have a quiet area to eat and do homework.”

Nick Kindley ’17 commented, “[the Eagle’s Nest] is one of the few places for sophomores, but I think that a café with new food options would be good too.”

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