Wolf Sighting on Mount Hood

By Dana Ellis ’15

OR-7 roaming between Oregon and California (Photo: OR-7 Expedition)

OR-7 roaming between Oregon and California (Photo: OR-7 Expedition)

A wolf was recently seen on Mount Hood indicating a positive step towards the growth of an Oregon wolf population. This wolf was last seen on the eastern side of Mount Hood, about two hundred miles west of wolf packs in northeastern Oregon.

It is suspected that the new wolf is fond of this area because of the large number of deer and elk prey. In the southern Cascades the lone wolf OR-7 has been searching for a mate, alternating between Oregon and California. Although the sex of the newly sighted wolf is unknown, researchers hope it is a girl.

The growth of the wolf population is important to help to continue to preserve the species. If the new wolf indeed a girl, OR-7 will likely find her and mate, creating a larger wolf population in Oregon.

If the two breed they would be the only breeding pair of wolves in the Cascade Range since the 1990’s when a small wolf population ventured into Oregon from Idaho.