RAC Releases New Single Before National Tour

By Conor Bulkeley-Krane '16

On August 25, Portland artist André Allen Anjos, otherwise known as Remix Artist Collective (RAC), issued a new single featuring vocalist Chelsea Lankes, entitled “Can’t Forget You.” The track was released by Battlestation Records.

RAC’s latest single is his last before he embarks on his nationwide tour. 

Chelsea Lankes performing "Can't Forget You"

Chelsea Lankes performing “Can’t Forget You.” (Photo: Flickr)

RAC was originally a trio of Portland artists which rejected computer-based electronic music and made remixes of songs using analog synthesizers and drum machines. Anjos is currently the sole member, and “Can’t Forget You” is an example of his effort to rebrand RAC as a pop artist who only makes original music.

You can watch RAC perform this new single and much more when his tour comes to the Crystal Ballroom on Nov. 25.