Catlin Gabel Alumni Alex Foster and His Successes

By Owen Hoke ‘16

Foster playing basketball. (Photo: Emory Athletics)

Foster playing basketball. (Photo: Emory Athletics)

In 2011, Alex Foster, one of Catlin Gabel’s most notable athletes for his skills on the basketball court, landed himself a spot on the Emory University basketball team. He just finished his fourth and final season of college basketball and was named by the NABC (National Association of Basketball Coaches) as a First team All American Division III player.

Foster started playing basketball when he first arrived at Catlin Gabel, using lunch breaks as time to practice. It wasn’t until high school that he decided to get serious about playing at the next level. Once he graduated from Catlin Gabel, he attended Emory University where he played on the basketball team for all four years. As a freshman, he was already making an impact on the court.

“The older guys on the team helped me adjust to college and made the transition from high school much easier,” the 6 foot 8 inch forward says. However there were still struggles he dealt with. “There were definitely some rough patches when i missed Portland, but basketball helped me get through them.”

During his sophomore year, he was the first player off the bench. The team made it to the NCAA Division III tournament for the first time in over 20 years. This was a great piece of motivation for not only Foster, but the whole team, to take their talents as far as they could possibly go.

When he was a junior, Foster was determined to make it back to the tournament. Unfortunately, not making the starting line-up was devastating to him.

“I was frustrated when my coach didn’t put me in the starting lineup to start the next season, but I kept working hard and was eventually put in to the starting five,” said Foster. Once he started, he was able to lead his team all the way back to the tournament and make it to the Elite Eight.

After hours of work in the gym, he eventually was able to prove to his coach that he was ready to be one of the starters.

As a senior, Foster’s team went back to the tournament for a third time and led them back to the Sweet Sixteen.

“I leave Emory with a ton of great memories and a lot of close friends, both of which I get to keep forever. I’m sad that my college career is over, but I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished at Emory and I am also excited to play professionally next year in Germany,” commented Foster.

Receiving the award from the NABC made Foster, as well as his team, very proud.

“First, it reflects the success that my team had this year. They only give those awards to players from the best teams, so I’m grateful for having great teammates and coaches. Second I personally put a lot of work into basketball so it felt good to be recognized for that.”

Along with this award, Foster was given the opportunity to play in the Division III All Star Game.

“Before the game we did some community service so it was nice to give back. All of us all-stars were put up in a hotel by the NABC and we got some nice gear as well. The game was fun too, there was a lot of talent on the court and it was very competitive.”

It seems that everywhere Foster has taken his talents, he has found success. After his graduation, the Catlin Gabel community will be eager to hear about his professional career overseas in Germany.