New Bicycle House Bill 3255 Proposal

By Joseph Endler ‘15

A new bill may be coming to the state of Oregon. State representative John Davis (R-Wilsonville) believes that he has an idea that may help reduce the amount of bicycle accidents that occur at night. His bill, if passed, would initiate a law requiring bicyclers to wear some sort of reflective clothing at night.

The House of Representatives floor. (Photo by Reuben Schafir)

The House of Representatives floor. (Photo by Reuben Schafir)

The bill defines reflective clothing as “including but not limited to a reflective coat or reflective vest.” The offense would be failure to wear a sort of reflective clothing, making bikers more visible on the roads. The fine could be up to $250.

However, some issues have arisen in opposition to the bill, which may be why it has yet to be passed. If bicyclers are riding during the day and it becomes dark, the bill may require each bicycler to carry reflective clothing with them at all times. Others believe not every person should be required to purchase reflective clothing.

Despite these issues, the bill has a great chance of being passed, and could increase biker safety in our state.