Brendan Burke Traded from Winterhawks

By Liv Phillips '15

The Portland Winterhawks recently traded Brendan Burke, their backup goaltender. In return for this trade, the Hawks received rookie goaltender Evan Johnson and a Batman draft pick. Johnson is a rookie goaltender, yet the draft pick is expected to benefit the team

The Winterhawks stadium before a game. (Photo: Flickr)

The Winterhawks stadium before a game. (Photo: Flickr)

The trade deadline for the Western Hockey League (WHL)  is Jan. 10, and the Winterhawks have taken advantage of this.

Burke, started the season as the starting goaltender, but soon it became apparent that he would not last in that position for long. His stats dropped. He is not ranked in the top 30 WHL goalies.

Burke has been with the Winterhawks since 2011, and it will be a bittersweet goodbye for Hawks fans.

Aidan Hill soon clenched the starting the goalie position. Though Hill is just a rookie, his stats continue to impress hawks fans. He currently is ranked 4th in the WHL, and he leads in save percentage. He also was named Central Hockey League goaltender of the week. Hill continues to develop as a goaltender and the Winterhawks have played with more confidence with him in the net. They had two shutouts back to back last week.

The Hawks were also able to pick up a new defensive player, Adam Henry. For the first part of the season, their defense struggled, so they are hoping to build up a better defense.

The Winterhawks are not likely to make more trades before the deadline, as they have acquired a good back up goalie and a new defenseman.