Gifu Kita Students Arrive at Catlin Gabel

By Gus Edelen O’Brien ’17

Japanese exchange students from Gifu Kita, Catlin Gabel’s sister school, are visiting classes in the Upper School throughout the week with their student hosts.

Gifu Kita prides itself on its academic excellence, as well as being the top-ranked school in their prefecture. The students of Gifu Kita and Catlin Gabel have traveled to visit the other’s school for over 22 years as a part of an International Exchange Program. This program allows students to interact with students of a different culture and broaden their knowledge of the world. Students from Catlin Gabel who have gone to Gifu Kita usually host the Japanese students. 14 students from Gifu Kita have come to Portland this year.

Gifu Kita students with a Catlin Gabel student.(Photo: Zoe Edelen Hare)

Gifu Kita students with a Catlin Gabel student.(Photo: Zoe Edelen Hare)

Oregon excursions for the Gifu Kita students include a trip to Hotlips Pizza and a day long trip to the Oregon Coast. Students have also gone shopping at the Washington Square Mall, attended Zoolights at the Oregon Zoo, and participated in a public square dance. Before reaching Portland, the students stopped in San Francisco to sightsee.

“In the three days we have had together so far, Yuna and I have already created so many wonderful and priceless memories. These students are all amazing, and it is so exciting to have them here!” says Emma Hayward ’17.

On Jan. 6, a welcoming event took place in the black box theater that included singing and dancing. On Jan. 9, the Gifu Kita students will perform a traditional Japanese tea ceremony during an Upper School assembly.