Catlin Gabel Students Petition for Carbon Tax

By Lauren Fogelstrom '15

Seniors in Patrick Walsh’s Globalization class have recently begun petitioning for the implementation for a Carbon Tax in Oregon. On Dec. 8, they will travel to Salem to attend a hearing regarding the Oregon Carbon Tax study and meet with various state senators about this issue.

Katarina van Alebeek ’15, a member of the class, created the petition and says, “it’s really important to show how concerned Oregon’s youth is about this issue.”

They aim to collect 1,000 signatures or more before Dec. 8, and request Catlin Gabel’s community support.

Sign their petition here.

The petition has over 70 signatures so far. (Photo:

The petition has over 70 signatures so far, but Globalization students ultimately aim for 1,000. (Photo:



Source: By Lauren Fogelstrom '15