Alternative School Day Schedule

By Alon Kornfeld ’18

This past Thursday, Catlin Gabel students started school two hours later than the regular time, an event that only happens six times a year. Is the school looking at the bigger question of having school start at a later time and end later?

Many people appreciate an extra couple hours to sleep in or finish homework. On the other hand, after school sports and activities would end at a later hour, eventually having students going to bed at around midnight after doing their homework.

Catlin Gabel has six late starts per year. (Photo: Alon Kordfeld)

Catlin Gabel has six late starts per year. (Photo: Alon Kordfeld)

An average teenager in high school should get about 8 hours of sleep per night, according to the National Sleep foundation. The National Sleep foundation also stated that the natural time for an adolescent to fall asleep is around 11 pm, thus waking up earlier than 7 does not give adolescents enough time to sleep the full 8 hours the need.

Catlin Gabel student Iris Ellenberg ’16 says, “I think late starts are a great idea because for a lot of people it means catching up on some well-needed sleep, and for those who still have to get to school at around 8:00, they at least don’t have to do any serious academic thinking until 10:00, which is very nice because hopefully our brains are awake by then.”

Juma Sei ’18 says, “Now, late finishes I’m not too fond off because I feel like that’s taking extra time out off my day outside of school. I’m not saying I will refuse to stay late, but I just won’t be particularly happy about it.”

The next late start will be on Thursday Dec. 4.