Tim Bazemore Addresses Student Parking Issue

By Joseph Endler '15

Last Saturday, Oct. 18, Head of School Tim Bazemore, sent an email to the entire school addressing the immense concerns of Catlin Gabel students and parents regarding the new parking policy. Bazemore’s email was incredibly kind and well written, and addressed many of their noted concerns.

Bazemore addressed his main goals in the first paragraph of his email, stating “Our primary goal continues to be the safety of all students, parents, guardians, and employees. Our secondary goal is to ensure that we have adequate parking capacity on campus and in the garage for all Catlin Gabel drivers.”

A look at the outside of the St. Vincents parking lot, where students have been parking since 2013. (Photo: Nico Hamacher)

He then respectfully stated his opinion on the new policy, commenting, “I do not believe that we should revisit the 2013 decision… That policy will remain in place. We are, however, exploring ways to improve the overall situation beyond a zero tolerance policy for unsafe driving in the garage.”

Although the policy will remain in place for now, the school has made an important change to the carpool policy. Now, in order to park in the carpool spots a student only has to carry only one passenger in their car. This allows more students to park in the carpool lot, as many students take siblings to school each day.

Students should make sure to read the entire email to understand everything that has been changed and or modified in terms of parking.