Catlin Gabel Boys’ Win and Girls’ Lose at OES Homecoming

By Sophie Peters ’16

The Catlin Gabel varsity soccer teams played their rival, Oregon Episcopal School (OES), at the latter’s homecoming on Sept. 26 in front of hundreds of students, fans, and parents. The Catlin Gabel boys won, while the girls lost.

The boys played first, with Catlin Gabel winning, 2-1. Catlin Gabel’s goals were scored by Rowan Hoffman ’18 and Connor Ford ’16.

Catlin Gabel boys’ coach, Peter Shulman, commented, “There were three excellent finishes, lots of great tackles, no cards, and and terrific fan support on a beautiful evening.”

Catlin Gabel plays against OES at OES homecoming. (Photo: Nico Hamacher '15)

Catlin Gabel plays against OES at OES homecoming. (Photo: Nico Hamacher ’15)

Catlin Gabel’s Charley Ward ’17, enthusiastically noted, “As Coach said after the game, we’re only scratching the surface of what we can do. I know we can get so much better, and I see a lot of state titles coming for us in the future.”

With another score of 2-1, the tables turned and OES won when the girls teams matched up at 6:15 p.m. Catlin Gabel’s Allie Dunnaville ’18 scored on a free kick.

Catlin Gabel player Nora Finley ’16, said, “Overall, I am very proud of the team for staying in the game even when we were down by a goal or two. I think the hard work and passion that clearly went into the game shows a lot about the team this year, and that is definitely something to be proud of.”

Catlin Gabel player Fritz Frerichs ’18, voiced his appreciation for the large turnout, stating, “I’m glad that there was such a big fanbase out tonight.”

Between games, Catlin Gabel fans attended a tailgate party thrown by the school.

Ian '16 goes for a header. (Photo: Reuben Schafir '17)

Ian ’16 goes for a header. (Photo: Reuben Schafir ’17)

The Catlin Gabel homecoming game against OES will take place on Oct. 10.

Shulman declared, “Overall, we had a strong showing, but I think all of the boys know that we’re just getting a glimpse of how strong we can become, and we know we have plenty of work to do if we want to get a victory when we see them at our place.”

Finley spoke about the upcoming game, saying, “I am glad we get to have a rematch on our own field in such a competitive atmosphere. I know the team is fired up to win this game, so it will definitely be a fun game to play in and watch, and hopefully we will pull out a win.”