Outdoor Education Program Announces Trips for This School Year

By Gus Edelen O’Brien ’17

A Catlin Gabel biking trip (Photo: Catlin Gabel)

A Catlin Gabel biking trip (Photo: Catlin Gabel)

At the assembly on Sept. 29, the Catlin Gabel outdoor education leaders presented the upper school with the upcoming trips for this year.

The lineup this year includes trekking through the big island of Hawaii, kayaking through the San Juans, and creative writing with horses.

As summarized by outdoor education teacher, Renee Jenkinson: “There are more and better trips than ever before, we’re going big this year because its the 10th year of the outdoor program as we have known it.”

In order to create more student opportunities, Jenkinson stated, “Everyone should know that financial aid is available for trips. You can download the form anonymously on the outdoor web page.”

Fall trip signups already happened, but Jenkinson said, “Everyone gets a trip within their top 3 trips at some point in the year, no matter where you are in line. Also if you have ideas for an outdoor trips feel free to come to the Outdoor Ed office and suggest ideas.”

Jenkinson expressed, “The Outdoor Ed office wants everyone in the school to come on a trip, and you don’t need experience or equipment to come on one of the trips.”

The link to the list of upcoming trips is here. http://www.catlin.edu/page.cfm?p=787