C&C Basketball Tournament Update

by Lauren Fogelstrom '15

Wednesday's game featured Becky/Veronica's C&C against Peter Shulman's. (Photo: Lauren Fogelstrom)

Wednesday’s game featured Becky/Veronica’s C&C against Peter Shulman’s. (Photo: Lauren Fogelstrom)

Over the past few weeks during lunch, various C&C’s have ruthlessly battled for victory of the 2014 C&C Basketball Tournament. The games will continue until all but one C&C remains, and several have already been eliminated.

So far, the tournament’s commissioners, Ian Gaus ’14 and Tyler Perzik ’14 have organized each game, and are proud of how they’ve gone. Perzik says, “The tournament has exceeded expectations so far. We are proud of the inclusivity and sportsmanship we have seen from our older players.”

The only C&Cs still surviving in the tournament are Patrick Walsh/Marion Edens, Nance/George, Ginia/Aline, Becky/ Veronica. Yesterday, Peter Shulman’s C&C was eliminated but only after a valiant performance.

Lots of excitement should follow in the next couple days and Perzik says, “Seeing the underclassmen so invested in the tournament has been a gift for us.”

The way the bracket has been set up, we should know the final results by mid next week.