Life in Nepal

By Hannah Courtney '16


  • The Modi River runs through Nayapul, on our way to Birethanti. (Photo: Hannah Courtney '16)
  • View of the valley and farmland from our tea stop. (Photo: Hannah Courtney '16)
  • Sunrise against the Annapurna mountain range. (Photo: Hannah Courtney '16)
  • A look at the trail the group hiked from above. (Photo: Alison Natter '15)
  • Stone stairs along the trail. The elevation of our walk was 3,280 feet on the first day. (Photo: Annie Barnicle '17)
  • Men carry haystacks to their village to feed their animals. (Photo: Hannah Courtney '16)
  • Girls on their way to school talking with Alison '15 and Annie '17. (Photo: Hannah Courtney '16)
  • Women leading donkeys that carry resources to their village. (Photo: Hannah Courtney '16)

During their Nepal global trip over Winterim, Catlin Gabel students learned about Nepal’s unique culture and people.