Tuesday, October 16, 2018


A Timely Goodbye and a Plea for Commitment

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article omitted George Zaninovich as one of the faculty members who will continue to work with CatlinSpeak. The mistake has been rectified.  As we leave Catlin Gabel, soon-to-be former editors of our high school paper, we are taking some time to reflect on the trajectory of CatlinSpeak. Both […]

Women in the Draft: A New Frontier For Gender Equality

Go to the Selective Service System Website, go to “Registration,” and click “Registration Form” on the left sidebar. The first question on the form asks about “Sex,” and next to the “Female” option there is a note that says “current law does not permit females to register.” Selecting “Female” on the form immediately leads to […]

The Human Cost of Mass Incarceration

The Washington County Jail looks a lot like the prison in the HBO show “Oz,” though it is clean, almost sterile. The inmates look like people you might meet at a park or see at the supermarket, except for the fact that they are wearing bright orange jumpsuits. One stands out. She is young, petite, […]


Homecoming 2018: Eagles Reign Dominant

By Eamon Walsh (Sports Editor) EAGLES GIRLS KNOCK OFF ‘VARKS The Catlin Gabel girls varsity soccer team took down OES Friday Night, defeating the Aardvarks 3-0. Catlin’s first goal came courtesy of sophomore Sophie Wand in the 17th minute, as Wand made a strong tackle before dribbling across the top of the 18-yard box and […]

US News

The True Cost of Animal Entertainment

Since the release of the film “Blackfish,” a number of people have publicly expressed their negative opinions of SeaWorld. In doing so, they have brought attention to some of the controversy surrounding other forms of animal entertainment. Many people grow up attending zoos, seeing animals up close and personal, and forming bonds with them. Zoos […]

“The First Lady,” a Title in Transition

Since 1789, the First Lady of the United States has been a vibrant hostess, an intellectual, a teacher, an artist, or a changemaker in her own right. This woman stands beside and supports the president. With the 2016 election, however, the spouses of the two leading candidates, Bill Clinton and Melania Trump, have the potential […]